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Top AI Hosting - Setup cPanel hosting in your computer call 8744864591
Top AI Hosting - Setup cPanel hosting in your computer call 8744864591Visit for More information : www.topaihosting.com If you are looking for a company to setup your server, then your search is over, our company setups WHM and cPanel servers. After getting this server setup, you can sell cPanel to unlimited customers. Most Important Question and Answer Required Hardware and Internet Which is the best hardware to create a WHM and cPanel server ? At least i5 6th generation hardware is required to install WHM and cPanel server, any hardware above this will work. Which internet is required for WHM and cPanel server, is any leased line internet required or will normal internet work ? There is no need for leased line internet, it will work very easily on the normal internet which you use at home or office. How much traffic can we handle simultaneously on WHM or cPanel server at 100 or 200 Mbps internet speed? At this speed, you can easily handle 10,000 to 15,000 customers simultaneously at a time. What should we do if more than this number of clients visit our server and internet supply is not available in our area? No need to worry, for this you can get a Net Booster, this Net Booster converts the speed of 200 MB/s to 1 GB/s, which can easily handle 2 to 3 lakh visitors at a time. If you have more visitors than this, then you can buy a net booster with a higher speed. How will the server’s data security and firewall be managed? There will be many layers of firewall here, I will tell you step by step. Step 1. When a customer visits your URL or IP, he will have to visit the data center of the internet provider, there also they will have to pass through brick wall and firewall. Step 2. This server is directly connected to the router of your internet provider company like Airtel or Jio, which has its own brick wall and firewall. Step 3. WHM server also has its own firewall system, which stops unwanted visitors. Step 4. If someone uploads a Null file like Null Themes or Null Plugin in your server, in that situation you will experience that the server goes down completely. So to avoid this, you can use Imunify 360 Malware Scanner and Remover software. If this software is installed in your WHM, then if any malware infected file is uploaded on the server by you, then there is nothing to worry about, it will delete the malware from that file immediately. And it will not affect your server in any way. Step 5. There is a software called Cloud Linux. This software provides many types of cloud services, but it has one great feature, which also increases your security, that is, when you create a cPanel in WHM, then this software approves that cPanel to use a limited CPU and limited bandwidth, that is, if there is any malware which does not come under anyone’s tracking, then also it will not be able to cause any harm to the entire server or in other words, to the speed of any other cPanel. Because the limit given to that cPanel, it will be able to send only that much load to the server. Step 6. As I mentioned Net booster above, it is a Firewall Net Booster with the help of which you can also create extra security. In this way you do not have to worry about the security of the server at all. Set up your server without any worry and use it. If you have bought a server from somewhere else and you are facing malware issue there too, then you can get the unlimited user software and license of Imunify 360 installed in that server too from us.
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